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Hello from Beaver Island!


If you found your way here, it must be because you're engaged and also a little adventurous, perhaps?

We are Jake (aka "Moses") and Miranda and we are your hosts at Tipsy Pines. We are also your photographer, officiant, wedding coordinators, and problem solvers and we are looking forward to meeting you and your closest friends and family. We moved to Beaver Island in December of 2020 and have come to love this wild, sandy island.  One of our favorite things to do here is to drive around, close to sunset, and take in the views of painting-like-skies. It seems that every single corner of this place is a picture-perfect dream. The close-knit, eclectic community of islanders here are the best humans we've met and we can't imagine returning to the anonymity that often comes with city living.  Jake never thought weddings or wedding photography would become such a huge part of his life but after meeting me (Hi! It's Miranda writing this) his life took a hard right turn (as did mine) and we found ourselves running away together (from North Dakota) to begin a new chapter in Michigan. Eleven years ago I picked up a camera and never set it back down. Since then, my dream has been to build and share my own venue with couples. It's been a wild ride, it's probably going to get more wild as we go and we can't wait to see what happens next!


Located 31 miles from the coast of Charlevoix, Tipsy Pines on Beaver Island, is a remote venue on Lake Michigan that can only be accessed by ferry or plane. Don't let our remote location steer you away from celebrating with us, we have (just about) everything you need right here for your event. Tipsy Pines is a small, family owned wedding and event venue, centrally located, just half-a-mile from Fresh Air Aviation. We host elopements, weddings, family reunions, and other events. We are currently in the building stages but plan to have the venue completed by the beginning of July 2022.  After completion, we will be welcoming couples and their families to celebrate their unions surrounded by towering pine trees, abundant ferns, tall grasses, and junipers that are scattered throughout the property. We strive to keep all 10 acres as wild as possible while also taming and manicuring the venue spaces to be beautiful for your event. In Fall, the Maple and Aspen trees show off their yellow and red leaves, turning Tipsy Pines into a colorful, forested oasis. Couples who enjoy nature and want to break away from traditional weddings will find just what they are looking for here. Choose to get married at a midnight, candlelit, ceremony under the stars or dance around a bonfire until the sun comes up. We embrace you and want you to celebrate your event however you wish. All we ask, is that you take us along for the journey. In addition to weddings and events we also host elopements!  To elope on Beaver Island, simply hop on a puddle jumper plane and 15 minutes later you'll arrive to the island. We will be there to shuttle you to your accommodations where you can spend the afternoon relaxing with a complimentary bottle of wine. As evening comes, freshen up and join us on an adventure around the island to take photos just before your sunset ceremony. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate your day, we will make sure it's unforgettable. 


Next, head on over to the "Tipsy Pines" page to see our untamed, rustic parcel of land.

You can follow us on Instagram (@tipsypinesonbi) to see updates on the building process. There are sure to be highs and lows as we go but we're ready for it!



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